After the Quake: How Christchurch is Bouncing Back

The devastating 2011 earthquake in Christchurch took hundreds of lives, felled dozens of buildings and wrecked countless homes [...]

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How A Budget Airline Is Driving Urbanization In Asia

We are now deep into an era of mass urbanization in the emerging markets of Asia [...]

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How a New Prepayment System is Connecting Piped Water to the Urban Poor

Jonathan Andrews spoke to Grégoire Landel, CEO and Founder of CityTaps–one of the New Cities Foundation‘s Global Urban Innovators [...]

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This Singaporean Wants to Design Neighbourhoods with Citizens

An empty playground is a sad sight. But take a step back and ask—why aren’t children playing there?

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How Artificial Intelligence is Helping Cities to Connect

Jonathan Andrews spoke to Eyal Feder, CEO of ZenCity, during the New Cities Summit in Songdo on how his company’s platform is giving cities a better view of citizens’ needs [...]

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