Chris Gourlay

Founder & CEO


June 8, 12pm - 1pm
Breakout Panel – The Crowdsourced City
A former Sunday Times journalist, Chris launched Spacehive as the world's first crowdfunding platform for civic projects in 2012. Spacehive's mission is to unlock new sources of funding and creativity for the civic environment and democratize the way we shape cities. The concept has been co-designed over the last few years in collaboration with municipalities, citizen groups, businesses and government. In that time Spacehive has already helped to deliver over 300 projects worth £6.7m across the UK - from a new community centre in Wales, to an outdoor sculpture park in East London, and a giant waterslide on a Bristol high street - and there are now £21m more in the pipeline. Almost 10% of UK municipalities now use Spacehive to fund citizen-led project ideas, including the Mayor of London. The model typically leverages municipal budgets by 250% as well as generating broad social and economic impact. Spacehive has won multiple innovation awards, including being named a leading social innovation by Downing Street and in 2016 Chris was selected as part of the 2016 Global Urban Innovators cohort. He is open to exploring international partnerships.