Natalie Voland


Quo Vadis

June 8, 2.45pm - 3.45pm
Breakout Panel – Culture, Community and Human-Centered Development
Natalie Voland has been working outside of the traditional real estate box for more than 20 years. With her social work background, she has created a unique vision to use real estate projects as a tool of economic development and urban regeneration. Her accomplishments have included the creation of over 3,000 new jobs. She is passionate about taking single use, historical buildings and retrofitting them for entrepreneurial uses. As a Quebec leader in social innovation through B Corp Certification based on triple bottom line practices, Natalie works collaboratively with strategic partners to redevelop communities. She holds a portfolio of approx. 1.5 million sq.ft with over 500 SMB’s, including start up incubators and advocates for leadership of inclusions. Her latest creation is retrofitting of one of Montreal’s oldest churches into a hub of social innovation called Salon 1861, which uses business skills and contacts to help integrate residents of Little Burgundy, non profit community groups, Universities, with business leaders to use collective experiences to rebuild Montreal.