Roshaan Wolusmal


City of Kandahar

June 9, 2pm - 2.45pm
Plenary Panel – Global Connectivity and the Success of Cities
June 9, 2.45pm - 3.45pm
Breakout Panel – Building an Inclusive Urban EcoSystem
BSc in Civil Engineering from Kandahar University, MSc in Good Governance and Public Policy at the University of Erfurt, Germany. Roshaan Wolusmal is following his Executive PhD at the Poleticnico Di Milano in Italy.  His research is focusing on Role of Large Construction Projects on the Economic Growth of Afghanistan. He is Visiting Lecturer at Kandahar University. Beside his position as the Mayor of Kandahar, he is institutional member of ISOCARP, ARCOM and ICLEI. Retrurning expert & Consultant of CIM-GIZ, Germany in Afghanistan. Senior member of the board for the formulation of Afghanistan National Development Strategy (ANDS). Member of Supreme Council for Urban Development, led by the Office of the President of Afghanistan.